As with all things in life, the more prepared you are, the better your outcome.  Regardless of what planned and unplanned challenges your organisation faces, it needs to be ready.  Ready for change, ready for innovation, ready for the future.

Change Happens. We help.

The economic challenges that today’s organisations face leaves managers with little choice but to adopt new business strategies for survival. Whilst your overall vision may not change, the ways of realising it, will. We can make change easier by assisting you with:

  • Auditing communication to establish baselines
  • Formulating a communication strategy
  • Preparing and leading your organisation through change
  • Managing stakeholder relationships and expectations

Be Primed.

Our consultants can help you use communication to your advantage, priming your people for all aspects of organisational life. Whether you are preparing for major change, re-structuring your operations or trying simply reviewing current practices, ANSEC can provide the expertise you need to ensure that communication and your business goals run in parallel.

Training and Knowledge Transfer.

At ANSEC, we believe that effective skills transfer on our projects provides clarity at all levels, empowering individuals and teams with the skills necessary to make changes, set standards, monitor progress and track accountability. Our training service lines include:

  • Organisational Communication
  • Management and Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Digital Media

World Class Expertise.

ANSEC Communication brings together experts from industry and academia to provide customers with a unique blend of skills and experience. Our unique partnership with Ulster University marries together practical real world experience with cutting edge research; allowing our consultants to better understand the complexities of the modern organisation and deliver tailor-made solutions to drive you towards success.

Our credentials are extensive. We proudly include academic qualifications such as Ph.D., alongside professional credentials such as MSP and PRINCE2. This ensures that, not only are our solutions best of class – they are also grounded in the practicalities of real organisations.

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Social Media Training

Social Media continues to grow in importance. Learn from the experts. From creating a social media presence through to planning your responses to a crisis - ANSEC can bring their expertise to promote and safeguard your business online.

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Social Media Frameworks & Control

ANSEC works with you to exploit the opportunity and manage the risk of social media & social methods of working

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