Digital Forensics

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We make Digital Forensics easy.

ANSEC employs world class digital forensic experts that investigate, analyse and resolve your investigative issues. Our expert team:

  • Works with corporates conducting internal investigations, from misuse of your company property to IP and data theft;
  • Can analyse a broad range of your devices - from servers to mobile phones; and
  • Works pre-emptively with you to help secure your risk from corruption, cyber attack, and fraud.

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Forensic Investigation Support

We are specialists in Digital Forensics and provide Forensic Investigation Support services to both the Public and Private Sectors, locally and nationally.

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Forensic Readiness Assessment & Planning

Our Forensic Examiners have the ability to draw upon other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within ANSEC, such as solution and technical architects as required.

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We solve your problems - faster.

ANSEC Consultants are highly regarded experts in their field. We are here to help you succeed. We have been trusted to achieve some of the most complex and technically challenging tasks imaginable from across the Public and Private sector. And we are ready to partner with you to solve your current problem - from Cyber Security Breaches to Social Media Governance. To start benefiting from our experience, call us on +44 (0) 28 9448 2900. We shall find our most experienced consultant in your field to discuss your current issue.

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